Happiness Project 2.0: The Checklist

So, I decided I need to have a checklist. Just in case I ran out of things to do and I can just look at my list and probably do something worthwhile. HAHAHA. Anyway, feel free to add/suggest something crazy and nice! ūüôā I started this in June 15 in my journal but just posted this online today. HAHA. ūüôā

My Happiness Project 2.0 Checklist

  • Visit¬†a¬†beautiful¬†place¬†with¬†beautiful¬†people¬†I¬†love
  • Dress¬†up¬†at¬†work¬†on¬†Mondays¬†–¬†Wednesdays
  • Learn¬†a¬†new¬†skill
  • Climb¬†a¬†mountain¬†and¬†sleep¬†there¬†and¬†gaze¬†at¬†the¬†stars
  • Choose¬†friends¬†who¬†choose¬†you¬†no¬†matter¬†what¬†the¬†circumstances
  • It‚Äôs¬†okay¬†to¬†not¬†be¬†friends¬†with¬†some¬†people¬†anymore
  • Let¬†go.¬†Though¬†easier¬†said¬†than¬†done,¬†time¬†heals¬†everything.¬†Train¬†your¬†mind¬†to¬†do¬†so¬†every¬†day.
  • Enjoy¬†the¬†sunrise¬†and¬†the¬†sunset¬†and¬†took¬†a¬†photo¬†of¬†the¬†two.
  • Send¬†birthday¬†card¬†greetings¬†the¬†traditional¬†way!
  • Try¬†something¬†scary
  • Meet¬†new¬†people.
  • Create¬†stronger¬†bonds¬†with¬†the¬†existing¬†relationships
  • Be¬†financially¬†stable
  • Practice emotional¬†intelligence
  • Pray¬†harder.¬†Work¬†harder.¬†Love¬†harder.¬†Be¬†better.


These and more, after all, I was the one that got away. Might as well got away with all the happiness and fun! ūüôā


Tikla J. Tickles